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June 30, 2009

Remitz Overview


V3.0.0 release — January 16, 2006

Remitz V3.0.0 translator is capable of handling all 835 electronic remittance files from a wide variety of vendors.  Please check with your insurance carriers to determine if 835 remittance files are available for downloading. Remitz is capable of handling multi-payer, multi-company remittance files.

Denial Management reporting is a standard by-product included with the search/filter engine.

Remitz can be helpful in producing remittance analysis reports for presentation and policy formulation.  Let Remitz data periodically define your results in actual data presentation with your clients remittance data.  Remitz database data can be downloaded to Microsoft Office products for final presentation in the format desired.

Reporting Tool

New set of reporting tools that are system standard. 

Reason Code Analysis: for Claim and Detail Level by HCPCS, APC, Revenue Code and more.

TimeLine Reporting: Day measurement from claim filing to claim received to claim paid.

Selective Reporting: Powerful Filter options to drill down to the desired data

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