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June 30, 2009

Remitz Features & Functions

Features and Functions:

 1. Supports EDI 835 Remittance File Formats.
 2. Produces EOB's on Demand.
 3. Calculates Contractual Adjustments (Medicare).
 4. Eliminates the paper register.
 5. Provides unlimited Reporting Capabilities (ODBC Interface).
 6. APC and HCPCS line item detail w/reason codes.
 7. Archival of remittance data for expanded reporting and analysis.
 8. Identify and manage denied claims.
 9. Interface Payments, Adjustments, EOB's, and APC/DRG Data
10.ODBC Interface: All database files utilized in Remitz have an ODBC interface that allows the user to complement the already powerful remittance database in the form of spreadsheets, reports and queries. The most common ODBC interface used is Microsoft Access and Excel. The menu processor provides a user configurable access to Microsoft Office Tools.

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