Welcome to the City of Greensboro, Alabama web portal. This portal was developed as a service to our community. Please be patient as we continue to add information to this site, we’re a work in progress.

Come Out and Participate !!

Come Out and Participate !!


August 31st, 2009 from 8-12 am.

North Ward Street, Blount Street

 Blound Circle, Moss Lane

 Moss Street.



City of Greensboro Mission Statement:
Greensboro City government exists to provide its citizens with quality services that are responsive to the needs of the community at an affordable tax level by:
  • providing a safe community to live, work and play
  • fostering a responsible growth
  • creating a strong, fiscally sound economy
  • preserving and promoting our uniqueness
  • encouraging active participation from the community
  • fostering a climate of community and respect
  • _____________________________________________________

    Please take note of the yellow “Listening” button on the sidebar.  It is a email link to your city government and your opportunity to submit constructive suggestions for improving the services provided to you.      Let us know how we’re doing,”We’re Listening”.

    Also, you may notice the “Service Request” button on the sidebar. It is a e-mail link to City Hall to be used for requesting city services. The Mayor, Council and City Employees are committed to providing reliable cost effective services to the citizens of Greensboro.